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Hasse-Weil Zeta function of a cyclic cover of P1 over finite fields.

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Priority: major Milestone: sage-8.5
Component: padics Keywords: days71, sd87, days88
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Authors: Vishal Arul, Edgar Costa, Richard Magner, and Nicholas Triantafillou Reviewers:
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Branch: public/zeta-no-wrap (Commits) Commit: d7a885cb085673a6f7531a765bd0e7405d81b1f4
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Description (last modified by edgarcosta)

We add a new method to compute the zeta function of a cyclic cover of P^1, this is the result of a forthcoming paper generalizing the work of Kedlaya, Harvey, Minzlaff and Gonçalves. In particular, we add two classes for cyclic covers, one over a generic ring and a specialized one over finite fields. This requires wrapping David Harvey's code for computing products of matrices already in Sage but not accessible to Sage, see #25366

Here is a quick example:

sage: p = 4999;
sage: x = PolynomialRing(GF(p),"x").gen();
sage: C = CyclicCover(5, x^5 + 1)
sage: C
Cyclic Cover of P^1 over Finite Field of size 4999 defined by y^5 = x^5 + 1
sage: C.frobenius_polynomial()
x^12 + 29994*x^10 + 374850015*x^8 + 2498500299980*x^6 + 9367502249700015*x^4 + 18731257498500149994*x^2 + 15606259372500374970001
sage: C.genus()

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New commits:

3e1041dwrap ntl_mat_ZZ_p functionality
96e0783wrap harvey's intervalproducts
d91d387merge w/develop
5706ccainitial commit for cyclic covers

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Branch pushed to git repo; I updated commit sha1. New commits:

7b51922more examples at the top

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d7a885cfixed lots of docs with edgar

comment:13 Changed 9 months ago by alexjbest

This is looking pretty good now to me, so I intend to mark this as positive review once #25366 is reviewed.

comment:14 Changed 4 months ago by edgarcosta

Vishal Arul spotted some bugs.

sage: %time CyclicCover(11, PolynomialRing(GF(1129), 'x')([-1] + [0]*(5-1) + [1])).frobenius_polynomial()
CPU times: user 16.1 s, sys: 124 ms, total: 16.3 s
Wall time: 16.5 s
x^40 + 7337188909826596*x^30 + 3818873571673594702967652840943135*x^20 + 24687045654725446027864774006541463602997309796*x^10 + 11320844849639649951608809973589776933203136765026963553258401

So the discrepancy is in the t^20 coefficient -- Minzlaff's code says it is

20187877911930897108199045855206 = 6 * 1129^10

while the current code says it is

3818873571673594702967652840943135 = 6 * 1129^10 + 1129^11.

the difference is exactly 112911. So it does look like some kind of precision error...

My bet is that error is either in working precision or the code to lift characteristic polynomial to ZZ

Another bug, that seems to be related with precision when using the slow method

sage: CyclicCover(3, PolynomialRing(GF(1009), 'x')([-1] + [0]*(5-1) + [1])).frobenius_polynomial()
x^8 + 266*x^6 - 1474149*x^4 + 270809546*x^2 + 1036488922561
sage: CyclicCover(3, PolynomialRing(GF(1009**2), 'x')([-1] + [0]*(5-1) + [1])).frobenius_polynomial()
x^8 + 1045817316825941*x^7 + 546866930086505850133464526551*x^6 + 190640968494636702312197540239024924597536618*x^5 + 49843906537040069873392691186784704861320520036908736885312*x^4 + 194087947845988228526704383964086734259184677590058*x^3 + 566821515149604163130057985174959967417111*x^2 + 1103577471286158480607964750564981*x + 1074309286591662654798721

It looks like the frobenius polynomial for GF(1009) is correct, but it is not correct for GF(1009**2). Comparing with Minzlaff's code, the right frobenius polynomial for GF(1009**2) should be

x^8 + 532*x^7 - 2877542*x^6 - 242628176*x^5 + 4390163797795*x^4 - 247015136050256*x^3 - 2982540407204025062*x^2 + 561382189105547134612*x + 1074309286591662654798721

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  • Status changed from needs_review to needs_work
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