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Hi Marc,

Replying to mmezzarobba:

Hi Vincent,

I think you told me that you no longer wanted to do that, and I agree. It would be nice to have a way of computing directly on ANRoots using resultants (in addition to the version using union(), I think, rather than as a replacement), but ANUnaryExpr and ANBinaryExpr should either remain or be replaced by a more general polynomial descriptor as suggested in #18106 (or perhaps merge with LazyAlgebraic, #24503?)

#24503 is indeed what I intended to do first. That is moving the numerical part of polynomial root evaluation to the real/complex lazy fields.

And on the other hand, computing with resultants is by far too slow if you work with a fixed number field of degree < 10.

→ wontfix?

Looks reasonable to me.


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