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    1 With all the recent work done on the coding theory library in Sage, the existing thematic tutorial on CT should be updated.
     1I pushed my work, this is now open for review.
    3 This tutorial has (imho) some problems:
     3As a note for the reviewer/interested reader:
    5 - it is more a catalog of available methods and constructions rather than an actual tutorial
    6 - it goes very fast into very specific methods and details, which should not be mentioned here
     5- I had to add a flag `.. nodoctest` at the beginning of the file, in order to not having to recreate a new object (code, channel) at the beginning of each code block. If one knows of to transfer created objects from one block to another (if possible), it would of course be better!
    8 This ticket proposes a complete rework of this tutorial, which, instead of listing methods and constructions, gives some clues on how to build generic linear codes and perform standard operations (encoding, decoding, adding errors in words) for people working on coding theory.
    9 It also explains to the user how to find any method and construction he needs.
    10 Furthermore, it keeps things simple and never goes into technical details, or advanced scientific notions, preferring in that case to redirect the interested reader to manual pages instead.
    11 ----
    12 New commits:
    13 ||[ baa9f20]||{{{First version of the tutorial}}}||
    14 ||[ cb65314]||{{{Update to latest beta}}}||
    15 ||[ 2057fee]||{{{Small fixes and improvements}}}||
     7- New decoders #19653 will introduce have interesting properties wrt their message space. I made this ticket a dependency of #19653 and created a new paragraph related to decoders and message spaces in #19653.