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e2319b5InteractiveLPBackend.get_variable_value: Guard against standard-form transformations
e27f297InteractiveLPBackend: Make base_ring an init argument
5b0954fInteractiveLPBackend._variable_type_from_bounds: Add doctests
c4b93aaInteractiveLPBackend: Fix old-style raise statements
b0a3c1cGenericBackend: Add a missing '# optional - Nonexistent_LP_solver'
3770be0default_mip_solver: Handle 'InteractiveLP'
d91c776default_mip_solver, get_solver: Mention InteractiveLP in the documentation
eaede28get_solver: Add optional base_ring argument
184249dMixedIntegerLinearProgram: New base_ring init argument
0b8b78aHybridBackend: first draft


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    77 - a slow, exact one that can set the simplex basis (only `InteractiveLPBackend` fits the bill - from #20296)
     9Ideally, in pure LP mode, both backends would support the basis-status functions that can transplant the (hopefully) optimal (hopefully-)basis from the inexact LP to the exact LP.
     11If the inexact LP cannot provide a basis (because its "basis" is not a basis due to numerics, or because basis-status functions are not available), one could at least try to make use of the numerical solution vector and try to reconstruct a basis, like in interior-point-to-simplex crossover (a classical paper:
     13In MIP mode, could at least try to set the cleaned-up numerical solution vector as a known solution, to speed up branch-and-cut in the exact solver.
     15Sounds like a big ticket; we'll do this step by step.
    917#18685 provides the necessary basis-status functions (for the GLPK backend).
    1018#18688 provides a solver-independent interface to these functions.