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12/09/17 19:44:22 (4 years ago)

I got the code running! Probably some tests need fixing (some log strings may have changed, I am confident that the mathematical content didn't). Also, I should apply what I recently learnt about sig_on/sig_off vs. sig_check.

To be on the safe side, I tried to post the latest modular_resolution-1.0.tar.gz, but apparently there is a problem on the webserver in Jena, and it is too large to post here. Anyway, IIRC, the file at is still the correct version (not 100% sure though).

It certainly isn't ready for a formal review. The main part of the code still consists of cython OptionalExtension, which should eventually be moved into a pip installable module. Also, the location of the GAP and Singular code files should be fixed.

In any case, it should now provide the possibility to do some testing. Installation:

  • checkout the branch
  • sage -i database_gap
  • sage -i meataxe
  • copy modular_resolution-1.0.tar.gz into SAGE_ROOT/upstream
  • sage -i modular_resolution
  • make

IIRC, Sage won't build the documentation of OptionalExtension. For the documentation of the old version of the package, see, but note that in the current shape of the code, from pGroupCohomology import ... needs to be replaced by from sage.groups.modular_cohomology import ....


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    2020- Please point me to an example of a new style spkg that builds a C library ''and'' Cython modules (not in Sage's src tree) that link against the library. I want to know how it is done right (in my old spkg, it was certainly not done totally right).
    2121- Please point me to an example of a new style spkg that builds documentation based on doc strings in the Cython code. This definitely isn't done well in my old style spkg. I would prefer !SageMath doc formatting, but wouldn't mind too much to change everything to, say, google formatting.
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