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10/04/16 11:04:17 (5 years ago)

If MeatAxe was a standard spkg (which might actually be something to consider) and the SmallGroups library was GPL compatible (something which the authors refuse), I could promote the modular group cohomology computation as a new standard package: With the changes that I just pushed, all tests pass (on my machine at least), and moreover the computations have still become faster.

I have changed the status to "needs info", stating my information request in the ticket description.


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    1515- The tests avoid side-effects by using a reset function. Hence, no custom doc tester is needed.
    1616- In some way (perhaps using google-style docstrings) the docs are built.
     18'''__What info do I need to finish work__'''
     20- Please point me to an example of a new style spkg that builds a C library ''and'' Cython modules (not in Sage's src tree) that link against the library. I want to know how it is done right (in my old spkg, it was certainly not done totally right).
     21- Please point me to an example of a new style spkg that builds documentation based on doc strings in the Cython code. This definitely isn't done well in my old style spkg. I would prefer !SageMath doc formatting, but wouldn't mind too much to change everything to, say, google formatting.