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This introduces function to compute multiple zeta values and finding relations between them

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Component: number theory Keywords: multiple zeta values, sage days 64, SD75
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Description (last modified by akhi)

Here it is introducing to three functions that compute multiple zeta values,
The first one multizeta it computing multiple zeta values using Double Tails, this is fastest algorithm to compute one MZV
The second allmultizetaprint is returning the first n multiple zeta values using intial, Middle and final words, this algorith is very efficient to compute a plenty of MZV together
The third one mzeta that compute multiple zeta values using polylogarithm
References: Double tails of multiple zeta values, P. Akhilesh, Journal of Number Theory, Volume 170, January 2017, Pages 228–249
Multiple zeta values Computing using Double Tails: Example::

sage: multizeta([2],170,100)
    sage: multizeta([2,3],170,100)
    sage: multizeta([2,1],170,100)

Computing The first 'n' multiple zeta values using a fast algorithm using Initial, Middle and Final words Example::

    sage: allmultizetaprint(10,170,100)
    multizeta( [2] )= 1.644934066848226436472415166646025189218949901206798437735558229370007470403200873833628900619758706?
    multizeta( [3] )= 1.202056903159594285399738161511449990764986292340498881792271555341838205786313090186455873609335258?
    multizeta( [2, 1] )= 1.202056903159594285399738161511449990764986292340498881792271555341838205786313090186455873609335258?
    multizeta( [4] )= 1.082323233711138191516003696541167902774750951918726907682976215444120616186968846556909635941699917?
    multizeta( [3, 1] )= 0.270580808427784547879000924135291975693687737979681726920744053861030154046742211639227408985424980?
    multizeta( [2, 2] )= 0.811742425283353643637002772405875927081063213939045180762232161583090462140226634917682226956274938?
    multizeta( [2, 1, 1] )= 1.082323233711138191516003696541167902774750951918726907682976215444120616186968846556909635941699918?
    multizeta( [5] )= 1.036927755143369926331365486457034168057080919501912811974192677903803589786281484560043106557133337?
    multizeta( [4, 1] )= 0.0965511599894437344656455314289427640320103723436914152525630787528921454259587614177018405925170654?

Computing Multiple Zeta values using Polylogarithm algorithm Example::

    sage: mzeta([2,1])
    sage: mzeta([2,1],100)

This program allows you to find the linear relationship between the multiple zeta values Example ::

    sage: Rmultizeta([[2,1],[3]])
    [1, -1]
    sage: Rmultizeta([[2,1],[3]],100,100,1000)
    [1, -1]

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Please fix the syntax to fit with Sage standards:

  1. You should have a look at the developer manual for documentation strings

For example you need to write EXAMPLES instead of Examples. There should be line breaks before and after EXAMPLES, etc.

  1. For Python syntax, have a look at

For example there should be spaces before and after each assignment.

  1. Revise the description of the function. You can have a look at the developer manual again and look at other files in the Sage sources.

As an example

def allmultizeta(N,n,D):
	r''' the program computing first N-1 multiple zeta values:
    sage: allmultizeta(10,170,100)

Should be changed to

def allmultizeta(N, n, D):
    Return the first N-1 multiple zeta values.


        sage: allmultizeta(10, 170, 100)

Minor detail: in the "Authors" field of the ticket you need to put your full name.

comment:9 Changed 4 years ago by vdelecroix

BTW, how does your code compares with the zetamult function available in PARI/GP

? zetamult([2, 1])
%1 = 1.2020569031595942853997381615114499908

comment:10 Changed 4 years ago by vdelecroix

Indeed, in the source code of PARI/GP (file basemath/zetamult.c) one can read


You might want to coordinate with K. Belabas and/or B. Allombert on the PARI/GP mailing lists:

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New commits:

331d975Merge branch 'u/akhi/mzeta' in 8.8.b3
958a570cleanup, all tests pass

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How does it compare to the implementation in PARI/GP available through cypari2 (see 10)?

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f0500ee18010: This introduces function compute multiple zeta values and to find relations between them
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