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09/22/18 14:41:37 (3 years ago)

Replying to mkoeppe:

#16993 should probably be closed as a dup of this ticket.

Yes, thanks, I had forgotten to do that.

Also, should there be a follow-up ticket for the desirable further improvements mentioned in the ticket description?

Please go ahead if you want to open additional tickets and/or work on these improvements. (I have little time to work on them myself at the moment, unfortunately, but feel free to ping me if some follow-up ticket needs review.)


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    66The following further improvements are IMO desirable but out of the scope of this ticket:
    77- clearing denominators in the numerator and denominator instead of making the leading coefficient of the denominator monic when that makes sense (i.e., for printing, and perhaps for computations in nested rational function fields, but making it fast enough requires some work),
    8 - also normalizing the leading coefficients over non-fields where that makes sense.
     8- also normalizing the leading coefficients over non-fields where that makes sense (see also discussion at #16993).
    1010Original description: