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04/10/14 03:41:12 (8 years ago)

Okay, I got it working. Preliminary thoughts:

  • Snappier than advertised. But SO SLOW with lots of points; a sparse vector field or basic plot is not so horrible. Of course, so was the Java version...
  • The load 3d live button is precisely what the doctor ordered.
  • Is it possible that inside interacts the load 3d live button doesn't work (that is, interacts are always live?) Or is it possible that you can only turn that button on, but not off (counter the expectation when clicking it)? I observed some unusual behavior, but maybe it was just something dumb I did.
  • How do you turn a plot "off" if there are too many open? (Or is that not a problem like it was with the sleeping Java applets?)
  • I see no way to get the things I used to with right-click (like stereo glasses, color, axes, whatever). Does jsmol just not have that?
  • The icon for activating the plot is ... not obvious. I still really find the auto-disable piece annoying, and I know that some people have just hacked that away, though I also know I won't convince you otherwise ;-)
  • Please remove the icons for new cells. They are cute, and probably an improvement in some ways, but it should really be orthogonal to this issue. There's enough moving parts to think about as it is. Especially since the blue bars have been the way to make new cells for many years! That's a pretty big change.
  • I figure out what strogdon is talking about. Try activating a jsmol, and then move it around a bit, and then try clicking in a cell *without* clicking alllll the way on the right to "lose focus" from the jsmol. (This is a problem anyway, of having to go all the way to the right to scroll - not limited to jsmol, though, threejs in the cell server has this problem as well.) You won't be able to, at least often not; you have to somehow get off focus and there is some timing delay.
  • I also haven't tried all the zillions of options out there for 3d plots to see if it still obeys them all, but presumably if it's pretty similar to jmol it will do fine.
  • Does it require WebGL turned on? I think not, but I'm not sure.

Hope this helps! Actually, it's fairly comparable to the current setup, so probably we could get it in sooner rather than later. Especially if you have any thoughts on the "viewer" thing - to me, this would be by far the easiest way to switch back and forth between functionality.

Once this has been tested enough and the "right" commits used, I think that you can just do a pull request to sagenb on github with your branch for this. Yay! Thanks for what is clearly very good hard work.


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