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Oct 17, 2014, 5:38:40 PM (8 years ago)
Karl-Dieter Crisman


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    44 * The "make new cell interface" icons look much better than before, but it is STILL a different color from before and a different cell height.  In particular, the commit breaks it, and "fixes" it but not really.
    55 * Shift-click is still broken, because Volker just took your commits but didn't fix them.  See for a commit that (perhaps with minor modifications) fix this - I think I actually got it from Jonathan but perhaps modified it, that was a while ago now.
    6  * The new cell bar, when it is ''above'' a text area, does not have the icons.
     6 * The new cell bar, when it is ''above'' a text area, does not have the icons.  In addition (and this is very, very minor), the very final new cell bar is not indented (presumably it is in a different div or something).
    88Please do check out what I did to keep behavior as close to the legacy as possible.  Hopefully it will be pretty easy for one of you to just import 'correct' behavior.  It would have been easier to have not touched that stuff at all, but I know that ship has sailed.  Also, if we need to move discussion to github that is fine, I'm putting it here because I know everyone is reading this :)