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    initial v10  
    1 The scripts have been combined into one and revised to make the gp2c-compliant, and gp2c has been used to make a single C file from them.  This can be compiled (once, on building Sage) into a shared library file which can then be used in a GP session, the result being faster running of all the functions.
     1After merging Simon's scripts into one script, they are turned into C code by `gp2c`, which is then compiled into the Sage <-> PARI library interface.
     3Using them is exactly the same as using other PARI functions:
     5sage: EllipticCurve("389a1")._pari_().ellrank()
     6[2, 2, [[1/16, -9/64], [5/4, 5/8]]]
     9The focus of this ticket is really on making a general mechanism, not so much on Simon's scripts (in particular, `simon_two_descent` has not been changed). It should be very easy to add new scripts in the future.