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    55   Here is a goal picture (benchmark.png) given by the Coxeter matrix [[1,oo,2,5],[oo,1,6,2],[2,6,1,-1.1],[5,2,-1.1,1]]. It represents the limit roots of the elements of infinite order of length 3 and 4, and their orbits under the actions of elements of length smaller or equal to 5. There are 12212 drawn limits. (Not showing 66 limit roots that created approximation errors coming from a "to be looked at" usage of solve in my code). With a homemade implementation, it took 42 seconds to do the computations of everything from scratch and also the computation of the tetrahedron and the light cone.
    7    - Shoot straight at producing a nice plot with a bunch of limit roots.
    8    - Post the picture here.
    9    - Benchmark the calculation.
    10    - Every hack along the way is fair.
    11    - Update the TODO list below with what would need to be done for a
    12      proper implementation.
    13    - Discard the experiment.
     7   The picture named benchmark2.png shows an image produced with sage with hacks and tweaks. It took around 10 minutes to compute. There are 2347 roots shown. (There was a problem in the production of the roots located at (0,0,0)) These roots is formed as the union of the inversion sets of the elements of length at most 8 obtained via the weak order poset.
    159 * CoxegerGraph, see #16126