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01/05/14 21:53:34 (6 years ago)

The branch I pushed is cleaner and should be good to go.

New commits:

7916640Make sure tinfo is correctly linked in when needed on Cygwin.
9acea9bActually add the NTL patch.


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    33* the curses module is not built because of undefined refs, just passing -lcurses when linking is not enough, one should add -ltinfo; in fact the real problem is that tries to run ldd on the import library (dll.a) which fails to detect what libraries are already linked and anyway would decide to discard -ltinfo as its already linked to readline, but on Cygwin you have to explicitely pass everything...
    44* it segfault at startup when loading the readline module, not sure why. It looks exactly as what is reported at . Rebuilding ncurses with debug info (including CFLAGS="-O0 -g" which cannot easily be passed right now) does not give much info. The offending line pointed by GCC is "char *result = exit_attribute_mode;"; maybe some dark magic going on as reported in ; please not that on Cygwin the stack is small by default but playing a little bit with that did not really help. Further info: ncurses 5.7 is fine, ncurses 5.8 fails in the same way. Upstream bu report: Should be fixed with
     6This ticket fixes the Python part.
     7The ncurses part is #15617