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Fix Python int problem with exp_integral

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In #11143 we weren't careful about Python ints. There are lots of examples of this, so one will want to go through the whole file.

sage: exp_integral_e(int(3),0)
sage: exp_integral_e(3,0)

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I'm guessing this occurs in other files too.

I think it's unreasonable to expect everyone adding symbolic functions to worry about this, and certainly users to be aware of it; maybe we could make BuiltinFunction.__call__ automatically convert int to Integer? Or have it raise an error if an int is in the parameters? Allowing int into _eval_ causes other problems too, such as getting expressions with int pyobjects in them, making arithmetic slower, etc.

At the very least, we could temporarily add from __future__ import division in all files that implement symbolic functions; then exact answers wouldn't be returned in all cases where they should, but at least mathematically wrong answers wouldn't occur.

comment:4 Changed 9 years ago by benjaminfjones

I think my preference would be either raising a TypeError (and clearly documenting what the allowed types are) or doing Python 3 style division. I don't like the idea of adding an implicit coercion int -> Integer.

If we do type checking in BuiltinFunction.__call__, we should make sure that there isn't a significant performance penalty.

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6d10729Simplify numerical evaluation of BuiltinFunctions
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726598917130: reviewer's patch: fix typo
c47dbd4Fix Trac #17328 again in a better way
a486db2Call the factorial() method of an Integer
68c545aFix bugs due to Python 2 int division

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Looks fine and passes tests in functions/.

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