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    1 This ticket is a place where I plan to send new updates to the R version used in Sage (R is, in principle, updated every six months). So I intend to open, close, reopen... as long as newer versions '''do not entail any substantial modification''' beyond dropping new R source in place and fixing the expected version numbers in the doctest. Any further problems should be reported in '''specific''' tickets. As a new R version arrives (and Real Life (TM) allowing), I'll start from the last accepted patch for this spkg...
     1a) Having an up-to-date R is a sine qua non to get answers from R Core.
    3 This is routine work (i. e. even I can do it:-), but using an up-to-date R interpreter is a ''sine qua no''n for reporting problems to R core, so it probably has to be done for Sage users to get answers from R core.
     3b) R in Sage is rarely up to date (more talented Sage developers work on more important issues).
     5c) Therefore, R-in-Sage users have trouble communicating with R Core
     7d) I am able to create "drop-in replacements" of the R spkg, thus giving R-in-Sage users an up-to-date R, thus allowing them to get answers from R Core...
     9e) Since this is routine work that few people seem to tackle, and since it is in my limited ability range, I'll try to do it after R upstream upgrades.