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Dec 12, 2013, 1:31:54 PM (9 years ago)
Volker Braun

Replying to robertwb:

What sections are new that actually need to be reviewed (other than vetting the new general layout, which looks fine to me so far, though I think the table of contents is a bit deep on the landing page).

  • In the "Writing Code for Sage" chapter the only thing that is really new are the packaging sections. I removed all mercurial stuff and references to the old file system layout, of course.
  • The "Sage Notebook Developer Guide" is unchanged except that I moved general tips&tricks for using git (not specific to the notebook) elsewhere.

The rest is new.

The github repo is old, current work is done on the branch on this ticket. Can you rebase your patches?


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    11The new git based workflow has been more or less figured out, now it just needs to be documented.
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