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04/22/13 19:46:07 (9 years ago)

Replying to leif:

[Still haven't applied the patch... ;-) -- some random remarks:]

Not sure how much you intended to change on this ticket, but IMHO the overall structure is still suboptimal.

From what I've read, it e.g. sounds like building Sage's GCC was the "standard" way (or recommended), and the main advantage of building Sage from source was something like "full development capability", rather than (potentially much) better performance and compatibility (w.r.t. to available system libraries). Also, it is suggested to build in a directory below $HOME (instead of some temporary directory on fast[er] media and moving the Sage directory afterwards).

Ive slightly reworked the top introduction, and the first mention of C++ and Fortran compilers in the deps part.

The information a sysadmin needs certainly differs from that of a less experienced user; it doesn't seem the document currently reflects this.

Regarding CC and CXX (to some extent CFLAGS etc. as well), the warnings are rather confusing, and to my best knowledge obsolete. (On the other hand, it is misleadingly

I'm not completely sure of the current status, i.e. if all or even most spkg take CC, CPP, CFLAGS ets correctly into account, I know there have been imporvements lately but i don't want to go through the hassle of checking the spkgs now. What I checked because I found it surprising is that CC, CPP and so one get overwritten if Safe has its own ones.

emphasized that Sage would build with almost any C compiler [assuming Sage's GCC gets built and used, but that in contrast isn't that explicitly stated].)

In the "using alternative compilers" seciton, it's stated:

 Sage developers tend to use fairly recent versions of GCC, but Sage should
compile with any reasonable C compiler.
This is because Sage will build GCC first (if needed) and then use that newly
built GCC to compile Sage.

Isn't that explicit enough?

I've slightly modified the first time comilers are mentioned in the next patch version as well as this part.

It would IMHO be better to move the whole Sage Environment Variables section somewhere else (of course still mentioning the relevant ones here, and referring to their full description).

Sure, but let's keep the fun for later.

There's no mention of ccache... ;-)

Ive rethought about that for maybe wo seconds, but as it needs an internet connection I've chosen to be lazy and not to mention it already in the install procedure, so for now its still hidden in the env var part.

But that will change when we refactor everything :)

ARM is now mentioned as well, I've upped the free disk space to 4GB, that's about the space my 5.9.beta5 install takes. I've not added anything about virtual memory as I have no clue with the new build system for the documentation, feel free to add it in a reviewer patch, or suggest it in the comments.