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05/17/13 20:15:11 (7 years ago)

Hey Anne,

Here's a new version of the patch which changes the computation of epsilon and phi and caches in the parent _sig. I also added a note on the global option on convention to TensorProductOfCrystals.

I've added documentation about the signature rule, but this does not apply for non-regular crystals. For example, consider the highest weight element in B infinity tensored with itself. Both phi_i and epsilon_i are 0 for all i, so by the signature rule, this would be 0 for f_i which is not the case.

For the previous implementation, did you mean the old TensorProductOfCrystalsElement? If so, then it assumed the signature rule gave the crystal structure, which is why it didn't work. I didn't want to put this into the doc since it's an implementation detail, but if you think it should be, then we can add it in.

Also the dependency on #14266 is trivial due to a change of, and this can easily be commuted past.

Thank you for doing the review,


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    11Currently tensor product of infinite crystals does not work well, likely due to assumptions that the crystals are finite. This implements a new tensor product of crystals class for handling infinite crystals.
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