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04/10/13 05:14:16 (9 years ago)

Hi Volker, I propose this version based on triple factorization for both fan and variety morphisms. I hope the documentation is written clearly and the example chosen gives a good idea what is what. The only remaining problem is that I really want to multiply factors back into the original one. For fan morphisms I just added __mul__ as they are standalone (although it may make sense to change that...), but toric morphisms should follow coercion rules, so implementing the double underscore method as it is done now is not acceptable. And even with it there is an issue of comparing, although it does seem that the result is correct.

Anyway: let me know what you think of composition and if the rest looks OK!


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    1 This ticket implements the HLY factorization into a surjective and a generically injective toric morphism.
     1This ticket implements factorization into a surjective, birational, and injective toric morphism.
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