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09/17/12 09:32:57 (10 years ago)

I have provided a new patch, that removes the custom refcounter, using Singular's refcounter (ring.ref) instead.

As I have announced, I also fixed the failing modular symbols test, by computing the dimension before displaying it: The test previously worked only because a computation happened in a different test that happened to be executed early enough, that side effect being possible because Hecke modules would stay in memory permanently.

I did not run the full test suite yet. But sage/rings/polynomial/plural.pyx and sage/rings/polynomial/multi_polynomial_libsingular.pyx and sage/modular/modsym/ all work.

Problems for the release manager and the reviewer:

  • I removed the custom refcounting. But there were tests using the custom refcounters. The original tests demonstrated that the underlying c-data (the libsingular ring) is properly deleted. I replaced them by tests showing that the MPolynomialRing_libsingular get garbage collected. Is that OK from your point of view?
  • The mentioned tests will only work with #715 and #11521, because they are responsible for making polynomial rings garbage collectable. Hence, #13447 and #715 and #11521 need to be merged together; just having #715 and #11521 would result in the OS X problem we encountered, and #13447 alone would have two failing tests.
  • #13145 has already been merged in sage-5.4.beta1. I suggest to unmerge it, because it uses the old unreliable "double refcount" approach. My new patch also takes care of refcounting of plural rings.

Apply trac_13447-consolidated_refcount.patch trac_13447-modulus_fix.patch trac_13447-rely_on_singular_refcount.patch


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    33The present work-around is to permanently store references to these upon creation, thus preventing collection. It would be nice if we could properly solve the problem (or at least establish that the problem is specific to `bsd.math`)
    5 Apply [attachment:trac_13447-consolidated_refcount.patch]
     5'''Unmerge''' #13145
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     11 * [attachment:trac_13447-rely_on_singular_refcount.patch]
     13'''Merge together with''' #715, #11521