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09/15/12 17:42:00 (10 years ago)

Replying to nbruin:

If I'm correctly understanding the problem, trac_13447-consolidated_refcount.patch should be the preferred solution.

I didn't test the patch yet. However, it seems very straight forward to me: There already is a refcounting, and thus one should use it. I am Cc'ing Volker Braun and Martin von Gagern, the authors of #11339. Does trac_13447-consolidated_refcount.patch make sense to you as well?

Keeping a double refcount (as with trac_13447-double_refcount.patch seems suspicious to me.

Perhaps one should let the patchbots test it? Thus, I'll add this as dependency for #715, and for the patchbot:

Apply trac_13447-consolidated_refcount.patch

PS: You really deserve a badge for debugging excellence! Do I understand correctly that the bug is not on the side of Singular? I'll inform Hans accordingly.


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    33The present work-around is to permanently store references to these upon creation, thus preventing collection. It would be nice if we could properly solve the problem (or at least establish that the problem is specific to `bsd.math`)
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