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11/24/09 02:53:44 (12 years ago)

I will try to upgrade Sage to the newest version this week and try to see how the does the graph editor (or graphEd as it has been dubbed :) behave with respect to the new NB. The old version was working fine and I put in rob's recommendations, but then sage updated before I can submit the patch.

Mpatel expect email from me to get some info on how does the new NB works these days and maybe collaborate on getting this finally in Sage. Funny how the main code has been written for 6 months now but dealling with the notebook and learning HG to make patches is taking me forever.



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    initial v20  
    1 This is most likely a big project.
    3 From Chris Godsil's wishlist (replies by Jason Grout and Robert Miller, in that order).
    5 {{{
    6 >>> A graph editor. This would allow graphs to be constructed and edited by
    7 >>> pointing and clicking. It should be able to output ps/pdf files. We
    8 >>> want to
    9 >>> be able to save the current state in machine readable form, and to be able
    10 >>> to input graphs in this form. This means we will have drawings as explicit
    11 >>> objects. (Thus it would be easy to write programs to generate drawings.)
    12 >>> If we have a graph displayed in the editor, we should be able to access it
    13 >>> from sage/python, and compute parameters there. So I would like to be able
    14 >>> to adjust the graph with the mouse, or from sage.
    15 >>> Some people will want to be able to use arbitrarily complicated curves
    16 >>> for the edges, and to place all sorts of text around the drawing. This
    17 >>> will
    18 >>> lead to something like xfig rewritten in sage.
    19 >> Indeed, this does sound like a very ambitious project. We might look at
    20 >> incorporating other graph editors. There are a few written in Java that
    21 >> might be useful. As it is, though, do we have any GUI things we can work
    22 >> with other than Java (like the recent interactive 3d plots) or some sort
    23 >> of AJAX trickery? We may be able to do something with javascript
    24 >> draggable objects here, using jquery or some other javascript GUI
    25 >> library. It seems like at one point someone mentioned another javascript
    26 >> library for drawing on a web page.
    27 > Sean Howe wrote a javascript editor, and that is lurking in my email
    28 > somewhere. I think it was decided against for reasons of notebook
    29 > security, and in favor of the new Java3d stuff. The problem is that
    30 > interactive GUIs is a difficult problem for anything in Sage. Also,
    31 > nothing has been written for the Java3d stuff yet. The problem with a
    32 > lot of graph visualizers and editors already written is that most of
    33 > them aren't very high quality, and there are so many low quality
    34 > ones...
    36 }}}