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06/29/12 12:54:26 (10 years ago)

#1861's issues have already been dealt with on the wiki, which is more or less official, so that is good now.

The spkg is located here. I see that 0.8 has all the other good changes mentioned at #1861 and elsewhere.

A question about the 0.8 spkg, though perhaps that doesn't belong here:

$ hg st
? emacs/sage-load.el

Ivan, do you think the goal of this ticket should be 0.7 on the optional spkg? If so, then since Nick wrote it, you can review it. For 0.8, though, you'd have to find someone else to review it, and that could take a while. I recommend the former course. In that case we can open another ticket for 0.8, where all these doc issues are 100% taken care of, I already given positive review to that stuff and the spkg qua spkg (well, except for the thing above!).


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    11There is a little confusion about the latest sage-mode - see, for example, [ this question]. On the more or less official [ wiki page], it is definitely at 0.7, but on the optional spkg page (and when downloading via `sage -i sage-mode` one only gets 0.6.  This needs an upgrade.
    3 #1861 and #2666 are related, but ancient.  The SPKG.txt should at least be updated a little; maybe #1861's concern about making the inheritance from ipython.el should be dealt with here as well.
     3#1861 and #2666 are related, but ancient.  The SPKG.txt should at least be updated a little.