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I'm taking over this ticket since I need this for piecewise functions. I'm not sure what happened with the originally proposed patch, but what was attached here is not the actual code.


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    1 This is based of previous work available from
    3 but supporting now integration on real intervals and real sets.
     1Finite unions of open/closed/semi-closed subsets of the real line
    5 Laurent Claessens defined a class Interval that represents an interval (can be open, closed, half open, unbounded), and implemented union() and intersection() methods, as well as the __contains__() method that tests if a number is contained in the interval. Also defined the class ContinuousSet represening finite union and intersections of intervals by a list of disjoint intervals, and for this class ContinuousSet, union() and __contain__() methods were implemented.
    7 We extend the previous work of Laurent Claessens defining the class RealSet, that describes any real set as a list of disjoint intervals and a list of isolated points.  We define the class RInterval of real intervals. A RInterval is now a RealSet, consituted as a list of disjoint intervals with a unique element and an empty list of isolated points. Our class RInterval is now always an open interval. The boundary/ies can be added as isolated point/s if necessary, constituting a RealSet.
    9 For the class RealSet, we implement the intersection(), union() and __contain__(). We implement the function subsets that, given two different real sets A and B, returns if A is a (proper) subset of B, and the function setdiff that returns the difference of two given real sets. We implement also the infimum and the supremum of a RealSet.
    11 Also we support definite integration over a RealSet.
     3For example
     5    sage: RealSet(0,2) + RealSet.unbounded_above_closed(10)
     6    (0, 2) + [10, +Infinity)