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    • Property Summary changed from Reals sets consisting of intervals and isolated points, supporting integration. to Reals sets consisting of intervals and isolated points
    • Property Authors changed from Volker Braun to Volker Braun , Jordi Saludes , Ares Ribó
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     9Reals sets consisting of union of real intervals and isolated points.'''
     11    This is based of previous work available from
     12    but supporting now integration on real intervals and real sets.
     14    - Laurent Claessens (2010-12-10): Original Interval and ContinuousSet from ''.
     15        Defined a class Interval that represents an interval (can be open, closed, half open, unbounded), and implements union() and intersection() methods, as well
     16        as the __contains__() method that tests if a number is contained in the interval. Also defined the class ContinuousSet that represents finite union and
     17        intersections of intervals by a list of disjoint intervals. For the class ContinuousSet, union() and __contain__() methods are implemented.
     19    - Ares Ribo (2011-10-24): Extended the previous work defining the class RealSet, that describes any real set as a list of disjoint intervals and a list of     
     20        isolated points. For this class, we implemented the intersection() ( union() and __contain__() as for ContinuousSets). We implemented the function 'subsets'
     21        which given two different real sets A and B returns if A is a (proper) subset of B, and the function 'setdiff' that returns the difference of two given real
     22        sets. Also we support definite integration over a RealSet, and we implemented the infimum and the supremum of a RealSet. We define the class RInterval of
     23        real intervals. A RInterval is now a RealSet, consituted as a list of disjoint intervals with a unique element and an empty list of isolated points.
     25    - Jordi Saludes (2011-12-10): Documentation and file reorganization. Reimplementation of 'setdiff'. RInterval is now always an open interval. The boundary/ies
     26        can be added as isolated point/s if necessary, constituting a RealSet.
     28    The research leading to these results has received funding from the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) under grant agreement
     29    n° FP7-ICT-247914.
     31    Examples
     33    sage: A = RealSet([RInterval((1,2)),RInterval((3,4))],[1,2])
     35    sage: A
     36    [ 1 :: 2 ] + ] 3 :: 4 [
     38    sage: B = RealSet([RInterval((2,3))],[1])
     40    sage: B
     41    ] 2 :: 3 [ + {1}