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Jun 14, 2012, 2:39:29 PM (10 years ago)
Karl-Dieter Crisman

Very comprehensive work.

  • I first have to say that trac_13109_ticket_numbers.patch is extremely impressive. I guess that relieves any concerns about deprecating the deprecation functionality.
  • Do we want to use the :trac: markup anywhere here? Of course, that doesn't show up as nicely in the command line, so perhaps not.
  • So will it be up the end user to determine whether a given item is nearing the end of its deprecation life? I do like that part of #8546. It could be really tedious to check whether a number of things are due. Why not have that as another (optional) argument? Maybe there is a good reason I'm just missing, certainly this syntax is easier for the person writing the code.
  • Also, what happens if Trac goes the way of ... Mercurial for sagenb?
  • I notice that Foo also has terrible doctesting, in addition to having several ill-conceived methods. But in general I really like it - very clear but also not dry.
  • That said, there should be an example of how to doctest the deprecation, because it won't look like what comes out, but rather
    doctest:...: DeprecationWarning: 
      as you know from the presumably tedious work on the doctest patch.


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