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Jun 29, 2012, 9:50:07 PM (10 years ago)
John Palmieri

Regarding the documentation: it looks great, but I have three suggestions: first, change "user's" to "users'" in line 4 of the first paragraph. Second, make it a section instead of a subsection so it shows up in the main table of contents for the developer's guide (change the hyphens ----- to equals signs ======). Third, move it to the chapter on "coding in python": right now it's in the middle of the doctesting stuff, and the Python chapter contains information relevant to both Python and Cython (despite the chapter title -- maybe the chapter should be "Coding in Python and Cython" and the following one should be "Issues specific to coding in Cython", but anyway...). I'm attaching a version of the patch making these changes.

For the "ticket numbers" and "fix doctests" patches, I've done a bit of spot-checking, and it all looks good. The "deprecation" patch basically moves the deprecation code from to, with some small modifications, right? That looks good, too. Is there any reason to do any error-checking on the trac number argument? Right now, using

def foo():
    sage.misc.superseded.deprecation('blah', 'the function foo is deprecated.')

works without error. (I'm fine with the current state of affairs, I'm just asking the question.)

Anyway, positive review for everything except for my version of the documentation.


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