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04/16/12 22:58:06 (10 years ago)

I've made a p6 spkg with further fixes and improvements, now also working around the GCC 4.7.0 bug on ia64 (Itanium).

(See attached diffs and the spkg changelog entry in the description for details.)


  • Ticket #12830

    • Property Summary changed from Improve handling of CFLAGS in GMP-ECM's spkg-install to Work around GCC 4.7.0 bug on ia64 and improve the GMP-ECM spkg
    • Property Keywords GCC 4.7.0 ia64 Itanium bug impossible reload added
    • Property Reviewers changed from to Jeroen Demeyer
  • Ticket #12830 – Description

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     1GCC 4.7.0 is broken on ia64 (Itanium), which also affects the GMP-ECM spkg (cf. #12751).
    15Adding `-march=native` to `CFLAGS` may lead to assembler errors, e.g. on MacOS X with newer GCCs on newer CPUs (e.g. such supporting AVX, which Apple's assembler currently doesn't).
    7 '''New spkg:''' []
     11'''New spkg:''' []
    9 '''md5sum:''' `dd60d1fb3e6c0e1dbcfeab40ef7faff2  ecm-6.3.p5.spkg`
     13'''md5sum:''' `ef29a2f1a4165bc3efc37ae7981f2b90  ecm-6.3.p6.spkg`
     16=== ecm-6.3.p6 (Leif Leonhardy, April 16th 2012) ===
     17 * #12830: Add a work-around for GCC 4.7.x on ia64 (Itanium), since GMP-ECM
     18   currently won't build with that and anything but `-O0` on that platform.
     19 * Use `\{1,\}` instead of `\+` in `sed` patterns, which is more portable.
     20 * Also support newer system-wide MPIR installations for printing their
     21   settings.
     22 * Use `patch` to apply patches.  Since the pre-patched `configure` in
     23   `patches/` was created with a newer version of autotools (or, rather, the
     24   original `configure` was created with an outdated version), the patch would
     25   have been almost as large as the patched `configure` file itself.  Hence
     26   I `autoreconf`ed the source tree with a patched `` (and almost
     27   the latest versions of autotools), then created a patch to `configure`
     28   from the resulting file(s).  Note that therefore `src/` isn't really vanilla
     29   any more, although just the auto-generated files differ (which are still
     30   made from vanilla upstream sources, including ``).
     31   Add a "Patches" subsection and update "Special Update/Build Instructions".
     32   Remove files in `patches/` from `.hgignore` (and also remove pre-patched
     33   files from that directory); the patch to `configure` and the diff of
     34   `` are [now] under revision control, which IMHO makes sense.
     35 * Beautify (and simplify) the output with respect to options passed to
     36   `configure`; print the settings of a few more environment variables that
     37   GMP-ECM uses (in case they're set); add some messages, also mention
     38   `--enable-assert` etc. if `SAGE_DEBUG=yes`.
     39 * Remove unused test for GCC.
    1241=== ecm-6.3.p5 (Leif Leonhardy, April 11th 2012) ===