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    initial v11  
    11When upgrading the networkx package to 1.6, there arise a lot of doctest errors, see discussion on [ sage-devel].
    22This ticket should contain everything that is necessary to do so.
     4To get the doctests passing, the following modifications have been made:
     51. Fixed the calls in `` to conform to the new API for `betweennness_centrality`. Also exposed the new options.
     62. Failing doctest in `` was shocasing a bug that isn't there anymore. Fixed and documented it, and exposed the previously offending implementation to sage
     73. Two failures in `` were due to changes in randomized methods, so just changed the tests to conform to the new output, the rest were due to a bad-parameter case that was used to raise an exception but now degenerates gracefully. Fixed the corresponding doctests to account for that.
     84. Failures in `` were due to a change in the output of clustering coefficients for weighted graphs. Added an optional parameter to use the new output, implemented the old behaviour as it was in NetworkX 1.2, and set the old behaviour to default with a deprecation warning.
     10To review this ticket:
     111. Install [ this spkg]
     122. Apply [ this patch]