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03/07/12 05:27:53 (9 years ago)

I've tried to break changes into several patches, although they got bigger and bigger. However, despite of the total size, these patches should be easy to review as they don't do anything deep - a few conversion methods, a few deprecations, and a lot of doctest changes due to different output formatting.

Personally, I am quite pleased with the results - while some calls got a few more characters, one of the most important methods for cones and fans now produces convenient output with a detailed but not repeated description of the ambient lattice. This worked especially well for quotients and sublattices, whose description was not obvious from ray output before. Hopefully, that's not just my point of view and the changes are objectively for the best ;-)

I have #11599 in the beginning of my queue now, so this ticket is based on top of it.


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    11The class `PointCollection` at #11400 is intended for uniform handling of ray/line generators and their subsets for cones, fans, and, eventually, lattice polytopes. This ticket is about making the switch for cones.
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