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04/08/12 12:58:19 (10 years ago)

Ok, here's something to review... :P

Left a few TODOs, as well as a lot of (hopefully obsolete) code I just commented out right now.

I've attached diffs between the p5, p6 and p7 spkgs, and the new patch to, too, for easier reviewing. (You don't have to apply any of these.)


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    • Property Summary changed from make zn_poly respect global CC flag to Make zn_poly respect the CC environment variable (and clean up the spkg)
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    initial v4  
    1 The zn_poly spkg currently does not respect the global CC flag, we should fix this (for instance for #12426).
     1The zn_poly spkg currently does not respect the `CC` environment variable, we should fix this (for instance for #12426).
    3 I've posted an spkg at [].
     3I've posted an spkg at []. (Andrew)
     5There's also still the obsolete Debian `dist/` directory, and the spkg can be improved in many ways.
     9'''New spkg:''' []
     11'''md5sum:''' `068cc74a5ac55bdfd74653e26be69964  zn_poly-0.9.p7.spkg`
     14=== zn_poly-0.9.p7 (Leif Leonhardy, April 8th, 2012) ===
     15 * #12433: Reviewer changes.
     16 * Restore upstream sources. (One file in `src/tune/` was already patched.)
     17 * Remove the obsolete Debian `dist/` directory.
     18 * Use `patch` to apply the patches.
     19 * Remove `patches/` from `.hgignore`! (And remove the prepatched files.)
     20 * Add Python to the dependencies, since (some) Python is needed to create
     21   the Makefile during build / `configure`.  (`spkg/standard/deps` already
     22   reflects this.)
     23 * Rework (upstream's) `` to create a proper Makefile,
     24   respecting `CC`, `CXX`, `CFLAGS`, `CXXFLAGS`, `CPPFLAGS` etc. with their
     25   *usual* meaning (i.e., not using `CPP` to compile C++!), and using `LDFLAGS`
     26   consistently, also not hardcoding e.g. `-m64` (which was added by Sage).
     27 * Do not add `-O3` to `CFLAGS` (in `spkg-install`) without the possibility to
     28   get overridden by user-provided `CFLAGS`.  Also honor `SAGE_DEBUG=yes` by
     29   completely disabling optimization in that case.
     30 * Fix typo in `spkg-check`, which certainly would break building the test
     31   program when `SAGE64=yes`.  (Although it is actually already built from
     32   within `spkg-install`.)
     33 * Clean up `spkg-install` and `spkg-check`; redirect error messages to
     34   `stderr`, add more error checks, use `$MAKE` in `spkg-check` as well,
     35   quote more environment variables, use `cp [-f]` instead of `$CP`, don't
     36   create an absolute symbolic link on Cygwin.
     38=== zn_poly-0.9.p6 (R. Andrew Ohana, February 4th, 2012) ===
     39 * #12433: Make spkg respect global CC flag