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Fix the hash of matrix spaces and improve its performance — at Initial Version

Reported by: Simon King Owned by: jason, was
Priority: critical Milestone: sage-5.0
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The central assumptions for any hash function is: If two objects are equal then they must have the same hash. That assumption is violated for matrix spaces:

sage: M = MatrixSpace(ZZ, 10)
sage: N = MatrixSpace(ZZ, 10,sparse=True)
sage: N
Full MatrixSpace of 10 by 10 sparse matrices over Integer Ring
sage: M
Full MatrixSpace of 10 by 10 dense matrices over Integer Ring
sage: M == N
sage: hash(M)==hash(N)

That has to be fixed. Moreover, the hash of matrix spaces is rather sluggish and should thus be improved speed-wise:

sage: %timeit hash(M)
625 loops, best of 3: 13.8 µs per loop

The root of both evils is the generic __hash__ method inherited from SageObject:

    def __hash__(self):
        return hash(self.__repr__())

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Changed 11 years ago by Simon King

Make the hashes of two equal matrix spaces equal. Improve the performance

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