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05/24/13 21:21:23 (8 years ago)

Hello agaiiiiiiiiiiiiiin !!

Wellwellwell.. I spend quiiiiiiiite a lot of time trying to move the Braid's plot function to plot/, and it failed in many many differents ways. For a start this plot never draws two crossings atop of each other, which means that a large number of crossing will produce a veeeeery wide drawing. Then the code was a bit ugly, so I rewrote it with a lambda function. Then I noticed that there were some "negative" strands in this plot method, and I have no idea how to implement cleanly a function that would deal with those negative strands and those we need in this module.

Soooooooooooo I give up ! :-P

Sorry about that, but I really spent a lot of time on this and I know that I modify a code that I do not understand... And I did this many many times already, and it gets less and less funny :-P

Sooooooo instead of the 1000 patches I uploaded, please only consider the "lastpatch". It converts everything to a list instead of doing a deepcopy, which solves your equality problem. And you were right about this line in the decoding of a Felsner matrix ! The shorter it is, the better.. Thank you :-)



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    33It can also be used to plot an arrangement of pseudolines as a Wiring Diagram.
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