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10/03/11 07:29:28 (11 years ago)

Added a note on the need to set ABI=32 on 64-bit machines running 32-bit operating systems. (The same is true for the already merged MPIR 2.1.3.p4 spkg.)

Also added a reference to #9858; FLINT 1.5.0's test suite won't build with any of the MPIR 2.x spkgs because it uses deprecated functions, and updated the installation instructions.


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    1111You may want to give both of them a try, although the former is just intended as a "fallback" spkg in case problems introduced in the latter should arise.
     13'''Note:''' On '''64-bit''' processors running '''32-bit''' operating systems, one currently has to set `ABI=32`, otherwise the build will fail. This will be fixed in newer versions of the spkgs.
    1317The list of changes between MPIR 2.1.3 (more precisely, 2.1.1) and MPIR 2.4.0 is fairly long, so I haven't put them into the description, but [attachment:MPIR_upstream_changes_between_2.1.1_and_2.4.0.txt attached them] in a plain text file.
    1521For instructions on how to install / test the spkgs see also #8664,
    16 though the necessary patch and GMP-ECM 6.3 spkg from #5847 are now merged into the (not yet released) Sage 4.7.2.alpha3.
     22although '''the necessary patch and the required GMP-ECM 6.3 spkg from #5847 are now already merged into Sage 4.7.2.alpha3'''; i.e., it is meanwhile sufficient to just
     24 * copy the spkg into `$SAGE_ROOT/spkg/standard/`, then
     26 * run
     29$ env SAGE_UPGRADING=yes make build
     31   (or omit `build` to also rebuild the documentation in the same `make` run).
     33The test suite of our "current" FLINT 1.5.0 spkg won't build with any of the MPIR 2.x spkgs, so don't use `SAGE_CHECK=yes` when installing it. This will be addressed on #9858, by providing a FLINT 1.5.2 (or 1.6) spkg.
     35To run just MPIR's test suite, you can reinstall the spkg with `SAGE_CHECK=yes`:
     38$ env SAGE_CHECK=yes ./sage -f spkg/standard/mpir-<version>.spkg
     40Or, if you haven't yet installed the spkg (but copied it into `$SAGE_ROOT/spkg/standard/` as mentioned above), do:
     43$ env SAGE_CHECK=yes ./sage -i spkg/standard/mpir-<version>.spkg
     44$ env SAGE_UPGRADING=yes make build # rebuilds all dependent packages
     46Afterwards you can run `make doc` to (re)build the documentation, and / or `make ptestlong` to run Sage's full test suite in parallel.