Changes between Version 21 and Version 24 of Ticket #11602

Jul 25, 2011, 5:57:12 AM (11 years ago)
John Palmieri

Replying to leif:

Just double-backquotes (monospaced font) would have sufficed.

Well, it is a string, so it's nice to explicitly include the single quotes in the html version of the reference manual.

The docstring actually lacks a description of what a shortcut [script] is or really / technically does; an example saying that the scripts make e.g. gp an alias for sage -gp, which starts the stand-alone PARI/GP interpreter, would be helpful.

I expanded this, perhaps too much.

When talking about software components, I'd use their name rather than the corresponding command, i.e. GAP, Maxima, Singular, PARI/GP, MWrank (?), Mercurial, GNU R etc., without quotes. In contrast, when referring to the commands / options to sage, I'd typeset them as such (with double-backticks), but also omit single-quotes visible in the HTML documentation.

See the new patch.

I'd also typeset root and sage (lower-case) monospaced in


and perhaps mention sudo or sudo sage -c "install_scripts(<directory>)", or combine it with the next sentence, giving the example sudo sage -c "install_scripts('/usr/local/bin')"


(Do you want to add a "shortcut script" install_scripts to $SAGE_ROOT/local/bin/ or $SAGE_ROOT/? :P )


We should check once in advance that the given directory is writable by the user, right after the presence test, in order to give a nice(r) error message [earlier].


Btw., I still get an ugly traceback if the directory doesn't exist; can we suppress that or do we really have to raise? (I'd prefer just printing an error message and return.)

I modified the error messages so they don't raise errors.

I thought we would advise the user (at the end, if any scripts were created) to add directory to his/her PATH in case it isn't already there.

Done, although it will not print anything if directory is one of the directories added to PATH by sage-env.

As an overkill ...

I didn't do this.

One other change: in the old patch, in every iteration of the loop, we computed PATH and imported have_program; now this is just done once at the top. (The "delta2to3" patch doesn't contain the relocation of the import command, but it's in the final v3 patch.)