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07/24/11 03:23:27 (10 years ago)

At the sage: prompt, I get

Definition:       save(obj, filename, compress=None, **kwds=True)

Odd, the values are shifted right by one (filename should be None, compress should be True). I wonder what's causing that. Other functions in the same file seem to be okay. I have some old copies of Sage around, and this behavior dates back to at least version 4.3.

As far as SAGE_TMP is concerned, you're right, it's sloppy. Probably the right solution is to have a function sage_tmpfile or something like that, which takes one argument, FILE, and returns a valid path using os.path.join(SAGE_TMP, FILE). In fact, if you look at how SAGE_TMP is defined in the first place (in sage.misc.misc), it's defined using explicit slashes rather than with os.path.join. This all belongs on another ticket; if I have time, I'll work on that eventually.

I'm happy with the patch, basically as is. I'm attaching a new version fixing one or two words in the docstring. I'm marking it as "positive review"; if you don't like my changes, switch it back.


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