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    1 This patch introduces a new class, and related support, for linear transformations, designed to distinguish them from free module morphisms.  There will also be an easy-to-use constructor for beginners.
     1This patch builds vector space morphisms, aka linear transformations, from free module morphisms.  This allows for a few specialized methods, such as an easier test for invertibility (check the rank of a matrix representation).  But it is mostly about (a) a "linear transformation" constructor for beginners' use, (b) lots of documentation, (c) specialized output routines, so it is clear when a morphism runs between two vecto5r space (not just two free modules).
     3(c) required lots of doctest changes.  When the example was complicated and involved two vector spaces, I usually changed the output to match the new format for the new morphisms.  When teh example was simple, I tried to "roll it back" to involve two free modules, to fully exercise that code.
     5Additionally, there were a lot of doctests with matrices of the wrong size, reversing domain and codomain, that managed to pass due to the bug listed in #10793.  Tighter controls here required fixing a lot of these.
     8  1. #11552
     9  1. #11553
     12  1. [attachment:trac_11556-linear-transformations-v3.patch]