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Replying to jdemeyer:

This ticket is listed as blocker, what is the current status? It seems like disallowing users to register usernames with @ could be a quick and eays solution. But they should still be able to log in with any existing username.

Which is precisely what trac_11343-fix_at_symbol.patch does. I just checked and it still applies cleanly... I just feel this is better than waiting eternally for the flask or TinyMCE update.

I really disagree that it's major and not blocker. Sage doesn't work properly, and saying "use another browser" is going to keep on being said until we have zero browsers that support it. If ppurka finds it doesn't work with FF or Opera with the new TinyMCE, and it doesn't work on Safari, and we already suggest (though nowhere official!!!) that IE is gone... should we be sending people to lynx?

So critical. But if someone just reviews this patch, it fixes the problem, and that is better. Plus it lights a fire under the flask/sagenb people to finish things off so we don't mess with things any more.


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    33I'm making this critical, because it removes major piece of functionality.  At the '''very least''', we'll need to change the login page to remove the @ availability!!!
     5Re-enabling this is #11470.
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