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06/01/11 15:21:53 (11 years ago)

I was reading the patch, and it seems ok. Meanwhile I think that __setstate__ is the best way to solve the unpickling problem for old pickles, given the fact that both name and meaning of several attributes have changed. I can confirm that old pickles can be correctly unpickled, including a block order (the old attribute blocks does not override the new method blocks()).

Having weighted degree orders is a good thing. There are some limitations inherited from Singular: The degree weights have to be positive integers.

I give a positive review, and add a reviewer patch, which I hope is fine for you.

The reviewer patch adds to the docs that the degree weights must be positive integers, and it lets an error be raised if any weight is non-positive. It is attempted to convert any non-integral weight to an integer. In particular, a weight such as 1.1 will silently be converted into 1. There are doctests for that behaviour.

Also, I add a comment in the doc of the new method blocks(), stating that back in the old days some orders had an attribute of the same name, so that we have a backward incompatible (but apparently not problematic) change.

So, if you don't oppose against my reviewer patch:

Apply trac_11316.4.patch trac11316_reviewer.patch


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    33New term orders as well as matrix term orders can be used in block term orders.
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