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Replying to jhpalmieri:

Here's a patch for the Sage root repo (the file spkg/install). This should perhaps be considered a first draft, because there are a few issues/questions. - Right now, it records a log for the docbuilding in spkg/logs/numpy-1.5.1.p0-docs.log, for example, instead of just appending to the already existing spkg/logs/numpy-1.5.1.p0.log. It's easy enough to switch it around. Opinions?

  • Right now, it stores a placeholder file in spkg/installed if the docs seem to have been built correctly. (Since after building each spkg, we delete the directory where it was built (spkg/build/numpy-...), we can't just rely on 'make' recognizing that it's already been installed, I think.) Is this the right way to do it? A few things which I think belong on other tickets or which I don't know how to solve:

To me, it seems okay to think about the docs install as a separate thing from the spkg install, so it makes sense to me to have a separate log file and separate placeholder file. I don't know much about this part of the build process, though, so my +1 doesn't count for much.

  • With the approach here, running "sage -i ..." or "sage -f ..." won't install the docs. Should we add something to the sage-spkg script which tries to build the docs if SAGE_SPKG_INSTALL_DOCS is "yes", but fails gracefully if it can't? Or only build the docs in sage-spkg if we can tell that the Sage library has already been installed, or some other criterion like this? This may end up with some code duplication, or separating out the doc-building stuff into a separate script (and then gets us entangled in the base repo vs. scripts repo debate...).

Hmm...thinking about this one still...

  • I noticed that the most recent cython spkg (the one in 4.7.alpha4) has files for building the docs, at least some of which weren't added to the Mercurial repository. I haven't checked the other spkgs for this sort of issue, but someone should...

Are you talking about the docs directory containing the documentation? That directory is part of the upstream source, so shouldn't be in the spkg repository. However, as of a week or two ago, that docs directory has been merged into the main Cython source tree, so future versions of the spkg will not have that docs directory.


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