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Jul 7, 2011, 5:18:18 AM (11 years ago)
Leif Leonhardy

The other two patches I've attached fix issues that came up while testing the patch to sage-spkg with Sage 4.7.1.alpha4.

They're both necessary to make sage -info ... as well as sage-spkg in general (with the changes made by the other patch) work.


Please review!


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    11One of the patches at #9960 did a lot of clean-up to the file `sage-spkg`: quoting environment variables, replacing tabs with spaces, etc., also adding comments and TODOs.  Since those changes were not related to the issue at #9960, I've split them off and put them here instead.  The main change of any content is to look at the file `SPKG.txt` rather than `SAGE.txt` when the "`-info`" flag is passed so `sage-spkg` (through `sage -info ...`). Also, warnings and error messages are now redirected to `stderr`.
    3 Apply '''only''' [attachment:trac_11021-sage-spkg-cleanup-v2-rebased_to_4.7.1.alpha4.patch] to the '''scripts repo'''.
     3Apparently support for `sage -info ...` was removed at some point (or never existed); the patch to `sage-sage` fixes that.
     5The patch to `sage-env` fixes a bug caused or enabled by #10469, which through the patch to `sage-spkg` now becomes more visible and potentially worse.
     8 1. [attachment:trac_11021-sage-spkg-cleanup-v2-rebased_to_4.7.1.alpha4.patch]
     9 1. [attachment:trac_11021-support_and_document_sage_-info_in_sage-sage.scripts.patch]
     10 1. [attachment:trac_11021-export_BUILD_in_sage-env.scripts.patch]
     11to the '''scripts repo'''.