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Replying to fbissey:

I probably don't have the update in question installed, of course I am not currently set up to build sage on aix either.

It appears the bug is seen on at least AIX 5.3 (which I run) and AIX 6.1. I don't know about the latest 7.1, which was released in September 2010. (There never was an AIX 7 or AIX 7.0. IBM went from AIX 6.1 to AIX 7.1).

Anyway the patch is trivial and indeed should solve the problem. Of course we'll probably hit the issue again in some other packages (polybori comes on the top of my head as building with -g by default, I could be wrong).

The bug only occurs if the source code has uninitialised static variables, so PolyBoRi might not be affected.

But the issue does get hit elsewhere. Some packages are not so easy to fix. The GSL is one such package (#10000). Whilst GSL has some other issues on AIX (which I can fix easily with patches which have been accepted upstream), the debugging information one is not so easy to fix. Setting CFLAGS to include -g0 just results in

gcc -g0 -g foo.c

so the GSL configure script adds the "-g" after any attempt to put "-g0". So one can't easily avoid building GSL without debugging information. No doubt I could hack the configure script

IBM aix is starting to scare me.

the problem with the OS is that it is not very popular, so most people don't test their open-source code on AIX. But IBM make some really fast hardware, with clock speeds of at least 5 GHz - not that I personally own anything in that league.


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