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Mar 6, 2012, 6:58:26 PM (11 years ago)
Jean-Pierre Flori

I usually do not do it, especially so many lines at a time, but my reviewer patch was all about removing some white spaces reintroduced by Dima, and split some overlongish lines (that's another tricky choice, I can leave with long lines, but it's much more readable in a terminal without them and according to our coding guidelines we should stick to 79 chars at max...).

So I chose to suppress them this time.

IIRC there was a discussion some time ago on sae-devel about make a one time huge patch for suppressing spaces but some people, especially among sage-combinat, raised the problem that it would break patch queues and that we should rather ensure that no such new lines where added and fix for previous spaces made locally.

I hope my choice won't break anything.

Anyway, good that this ticket is finally positively reviewed.


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    v22 v80  
    11I test
    34sage: var ('n,k')
    67sage: sum (binomial(n,k)*k^2, k, 2, n)  # is false : I get 0
     9This works correctly on Maxima 5.26 - we need to upgrade! The new spkg is at
    9 This works correctly on Maxima 5.26 - we need to upgrade!
    10 The new spkg is [ here].
    12 Install the spkg and apply the patch.
     13Install the spkg and apply:
     15 *   [attachment:trac10682_1.patch]
     16 *  [attachment:trac_10682-reviewer.patch]