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07/03/12 18:57:43 (9 years ago)

Okay, after thinking about it some more, here is what would be absolutely required for positive review.

  • All questions in comment:59 and comment:63 need to be answered. Not solved! Just to have some answer, even if it's "I don't know". This will help tremendously for any followup work.
  • The issue with the math formatting needing the new line must be fixed.
  • The variety of bullet issues should be made better.
    • The unexpected indent warning
    • Display math in lists
    • If not already true, allow unordered lists as sublists of ordered ones (? maybe not as important as the others)

Humbly disagreeing with jhpalmieri about the absolute paths, since I documented it - but of course that would be great, what magic makes this work but not the other version? If this does in fact work, then I guess that would be good too.

The point is that we don't want to make the review process overly long here.


  • Ticket #10637

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    • Property Reviewers changed from Nicolas Thiéry, Jason Grout, Karl-Dieter Crisman, Jason Bandlow to Nicolas Thiéry, Jason Grout, Karl-Dieter Crisman, Jason Bandlow, John Palmieri
    • Property Work issues changed from to answer questions, math formatting, lists, maybe absolute paths?
  • Ticket #10637 – Description

    v62 v66  
    2020The proposed implementation adds a script
    21 {{{local/bin/sage-sws2rst}}}, edits {{{local/bin/sage-sage}}} to add
     21{{{local/bin/sage-sws2rst}}}, edits {{{spkg/bin/sage}}} to add
    2222the sws2rst option, and add some libraries in
    2323{{{sagenb-main/sagenb/notebook/}}}. It further depends on the
    24 BeautifulSoup Python library (released under Python's license).
     24!BeautifulSoup Python library (released under Python's license).
    2626The script builds the ReST file from the worksheet.html file included in the .sws as follow:
    2828 - Preparsing to handle the input / output fields
    29  - Parsing of the resulting html using BeautifulSoup
     29 - Parsing of the resulting html using !BeautifulSoup
    3030 - Manipulation on the obtained tree