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06/22/12 01:33:57 (9 years ago)

To patchbot and others, instructions:

Okay, this should take care of all the work issues. I've made enough changes in the sage-sws2rst file that it definitely needs review, whether from pang or slabbe or someone else. Please try especially to break it with weird input; but everything else should really be okay, given that my changes to Pablo's great core work is very minimal.

Note that not only my review patches need review, but also the original sagenb patches as well. The sagenb stuff is up-to-date in the pull request 75 of sagenb.

I'm sure there are more elegant ways to do it, but the original scripts patch is fine.

I suppose someone should also review the spkg, though there is really almost nothing to review other than bringing it up to developer guide guidelines. See this sage-devel thread for a vote about whether this is allowed to be an optional spkg.


  • Ticket #10637

    • Property Report Upstream changed from Reported upstream. No feedback yet. to Workaround found; Bug reported upstream.
    • Property Reviewers changed from Nicolas Thiéry, Jason Grout, Karl-Dieter Crisman, Jason Bandlow, Karl-Dieter Crisman to Nicolas Thiéry, Jason Grout, Karl-Dieter Crisman, Jason Bandlow
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    v37 v52  
    3636 * Install the beautifulsoup spkg [ here]
    37  * Apply [attachment:trac_10637-root.patch] to the root repository
     37 * Apply [attachment:trac_10637-root.patch] and [attachment:trac_10637-root-docsandmore.patch] to the root repository
    3838 * Apply [attachment:trac_10637-scripts.patch] to the scripts repository
    40  * Apply [attachment:tools_sws2rst_4.patch] to sagenb, possibly followed by
     40 * Apply [attachment:tools_sws2rst_4.patch] and [attachment:trac_10637-sagenb-reviewer.patch] to sagenb, possibly followed by
    4242    sage -python install && sage -python develop