Changes between Version 385 and Version 396 of Ticket #10508

03/27/13 17:46:46 (9 years ago)

I've updated:

to include:

  • the Solaris fix,
  • copy correct libs on Cygwin,
  • hopefully better messages about setting SAGE_ATLAS_ARCH for Cygwin and Darwin.

About Cywgin libs, I don't copy the static LAPACK archive but rather the import library "/usr/lib/liblapack.dll.a" (just as we did fo the BLAS one "/usr/lib/libblas.dll.a"). This should work ok and let link to the shared LAPACK library which in my opinion (and Volker's apparently) is better. Note I've not actually tested this.

I did not:

  • test on problematic ia64 systems, the ones I have access to (gcc60 and gcc66) seem fine, waiting for report of people having access to skynet, that may be considered a blocker although ia64 is not that common anymore and not all ia64 systems seem affected...
  • craft or include a fixed shared library build system for Cygwin yet, but that should be postponed for a later ticket,
  • fix the problems with fallback code/thread related functions which prevent building on exotic systems such as linux/sparc or (old?) darwin/ppc, but we don't support them anyway.

Note that every problem we encountered here has been reported upstream.


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