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03/15/13 00:07:16 (9 years ago)

Right, but in the past we still needed the lapack stuff from Cygwin.

Yup to get the BLAS thing. But although it also provided the LAPACK part we built it anyway.

Well, anyway that needs to be fixed so that Cygwin knows where to find what.

Looks like a missing include of MPIR, maybe?

Did you use the p1 spkg I posted and linked toward the end of the comments?

No, it was in comment:299 - that's scores of comments ago. If that is really what is needed, then you should update the ticket description (which I have now done).

Does that mean I shouldn't have used Volker's spkg for atlas either? Does yours behave properly w.r.t. Cygwin?


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    1010By default, ATLAS will now try twice to get timings and fail immediately if throttling is enabled. If auto-tuning fails build with `SAGE_ATLAS_ARCH=fast`, and if that fails with `SAGE_ATLAS_ARCH=base`. On x86, the fast and base targets are the new ATLAS generic targets x86SSE3 and x86SSE2/x86x87.
    12 The updated cvxopt spkg fixes a blas path issue on Darwin.
     12The updated cvxopt spkg fixes a blas path issue on Darwin, and is rebased to the most recent cvxopt package to include a Cygwin fix.
    1414There is an [ upstream problem] where compilation sometimes crashes during `xextract` because of a buffer overflow due to small fixed-sized buffers for filenames.
    1616Updated '''spkg'''s:
    1717 1. []
    18  2. []
     18 2. []
    2020'''Apply''' [attachment:10508_root_after_13415.patch] to the SAGE_ROOT repository and [attachment:trac_10508_doctest.patch], [attachment:trac_10508_update_atlas_docs.patch] to the Sage repository.