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Replying to rbeezer:

I think it would be better not to infer that queues give you a "sandbox". A clone makes a copy of lots of source code and if you wreck it you can delete it. No harm. Queues work on the one copy of source code, though it is easy to back out of a mess, but you can't just trash it. Maybe delete "a sandbox of" for each copy of the warning?

Done. The warnings are reworded to avoid giving the impression that queues give user a sandbox.

  1. I think leif's suggestion was to put an "editor=" line in the template, all filled in to point to vim. I have new users cut/paste the template to construct an .hgrc file - somebody wishing to change it would find it later in their .hgrc.

Done. The updated ~/.hgrc template has the section editor = together with other common configuration options.


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