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Replying to leif:

If parallel builds or installs just non-deterministically fail in, say, 5-10%, it would IMHO be acceptable to enable them though, since on a failure one simply has to rerun make or ./sage -i ....

I personally think it would be unwise to enable parallel builds unless we are confident they work reliably on every platform. It's conceivable a file may not be written fully, yet processed in some way, leading to undefined behavior.

I've asked on the Maxima mailing list if parallel builds are OK or not. So far there is no reply.

I've started a build of Maxima, inserting a random delay between 0 and 1 second before invoking gcc. The problem is, Maxima is now taking 11 and a half minutes to build on my machine.

real    11m33.576s
user    3m22.703s
sys     0m29.970s

as obviously delaying gcc on average by 500 ms slows down the build. So far it has only built twice, but both times it was OK.

I'll build a few more copies of Sage, then test Maxima on them too, since testing this even 100 times is going to take 19 hours.

I've put to needs info, since I think we need to verify if parallel builds are ok or not.

A new package, with parallel builds enabled, can be found at



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    11Please update ecl and maxima to the newest upstream release. Sage packages are here:
     3It's unsafe to build ECL in parallel, but it would appear that Maxima can be build in parallel, so reducing the build time. Updated versions of ECL and Maxima can be found here:
     9(A version, which does not build in parallel can be found at
     11but hopefully the parallel version is OK and will build faster).
    6 Note that you cannot upgrade one without the other; Both need to be upgraded simultaneously or build will fail.
     13Note that you cannot upgrade one without the other; Both ECL and Maxima need to be upgraded simultaneously or build will fail.
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