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11/11/10 18:11:59 (11 years ago)

I have put an updated ECL file at This has only been checked on OpenSolaris - I don't have access to a Fedora 14 machine, so can't verify if it actually fixes the issues reported at #10185

I should make a few comments about this:

  • I have not added an spkg-check file or the Lisp tests, as I gather from the ECL developer the Lisp tests on the ECL site are outdated. Fixing this appears to be a non-trivial issue.
  • The repository information from the ecl-10.2.1.p3 version actually in Sage is kept, as it should be. (Volker's package was based on a 10.4.1 package I created months ago, which never got merged into Sage. So the repository information was not correct).
  • Despite being told the Solaris text relocation issue was resolved, it appears it is not as simple as applying a single patch as I had hoped. So #9840 remains unresolved, though it should be fixed when the next stable ECL release is made.
  • I've cleaned the package up somewhat.
  • I did not remove the gmp sources, as doing so requires a new configure file to be created. Whilst I can see this is advantageous if done properly, I fear that this will be done incorrectly at some point in the future, which can result in chaos.


I get one reject out of six when adding


to sage 4.6.1.alpha0, so I think that patch needs updating. The contents of the reject are:

@@ -728,10 +729,12 @@
             sage: maxima._eval_line('1+1;')
-            sage: maxima.eval('sage0: x == x;')
+            sage: maxima._eval_line('sage0: x == x;')
             Traceback (most recent call last):
-            TypeError: error evaluating "sage0: x == x;":...
+            TypeError: Error executing code in Maxima...
         if len(line) == 0:
             return ''

But as I say, all doctests passed for me, despite one patch was not fully applied!!

All tests passed!
Total time for all tests: 1871.3 seconds

I'm leaving as needs work, as clearly the fact one patch does not apply cleanly is a problem. It also needs testing on more than one system, but I don't have access to the Fedora 14 system where this was a particular problem.



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    initial v22  
    11Please update ecl and maxima to the newest upstream release. Sage packages are here:
    88Relevant tickets for ecl:
    10   * #9264: Apply ALL relevent fixes to ECL 10.4.1: As far as I can tell all relevant patches are included in ecl-10.4.1.p0.spkg.
     10  * #9493: Remove extra baggage from ECL 10.2.1.p1 (again). The package has been cleaned up, but I feel removing gmp sources is too dangerous.
    12   * #9493: Remove extra baggage from ECL 10.2.1.p1 (again): Patch is included and #9493 can be closed after this ticket.
    14   * #10185: the old ecl-10.2.1 does not build on Fedora 14: Fixed with the updated ecl from this ticket.
     12  * #10185: the old ecl-10.2.1 does not build on Fedora 14: Hopefully fixed with the updated ecl from this ticket.
    1614Relevant tickets for maxima: